Term & Condition

WARRANTY CONDITIONS Effective from 2018

Midea Appliances products distributed in New Zealand by JH Electrical and Appliance Ltd (Company No. 6039654) (“JH Appliance”)


Our goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 (‘the ACT”). You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and for compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage. You are also entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced by the seller if the goods fail to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure. The benefits conferred under this Midea Appliances warranty are in addition to other rights and remedies available to you under the ACT (see also 8. below).

2.Midea Appliances WARRANTY

Subject to the terms and conditions herein, Midea Appliances warrants that it will repair or, at its option, replace Midea Appliances products as specified in the table where such Midea Appliances product is defective by reason of faulty workmanship or materials free of charge for parts and labour as shown in the table. (See table on reverse of this document.)

 a) If a replacement is required at a time where the same model is no longer available, then at the option of JH Appliance a model of equivalent or higher specifications will be offered as a replacement. If replacement is not commercially possible, or repair or replacement cannot be accomplished within a reasonable time, JH Appliance may at its sole option may refund the purchase price of the product with due adjustment for depreciation arising from actual use. This is in full satisfaction of its warranty obligation.

 b) Any form of unauthorised modification and/or adaptation made to the product(s) deviating from the specifications and/or the intended use of the product(s) shall void this warranty in its entirety.

 c) Any dents, scratches to paintwork and the like need to be notified to JH Appliance on the same day of delivery to qualify for a warranty replacement.

 d) The warranty period begins from the date of original purchase of the Midea Appliances product from an authorised Midea Appliances dealer.

3.CONDITIONS,This Midea Appliances Warranty

a) Only applies:
i) in respect of Midea Appliances products described herein which are distributed by JH Appliance and purchased in New Zealand from an authorised Midea Appliances dealer and used in New Zealand; and
ii) if the said Midea Appliances products are used under normal domestic environment; and

iii) if the said Midea Appliances products have been installed and used in accordance with the instructions displayed on the unit or in the relevant instruction manual; and

iv) when proof of purchase in the form of a receipt from an authorised Midea Appliances dealer is presented when requesting Midea Appliances Warranty Service; and
v) when Midea Dishwashers are fitted by certified plumbers, gas hobs are fitted by certified gas fitters and electrical hobs, ovens, built-in microwave ovens with hard wire connector are connected by a certified electrician.
b) Is void where service is undertaken by an unauthorised service centre or any tampering of any nature in respect of the said Midea Appliances products by unauthorised persons.
c) To make a warranty claim and for service to be provided under this warranty, the owner must produce the original dated purchase receipt. It shall be the owner's obligation to pay for any repairs or service costs made in respect of the product for which the owner is unable to provide the original sales receipt.


a) Contact your local dealer for authorised service centres.
b) In-home service calls will be made for the following products: Washing Machines, Clothes Dryers, Refrigerators, Freezers, Dishwashers, Ovens, Cooktops, freestanding Stoves, built in Microwave Ovens and Rangehoods.
c) Free in-home service calls will only be made where the owner lives within 25 kilometres of an authorised Midea Appliances service centre. A travel fee will be charged on service calls outside that area or the owner must send the product, at the owner’s expense and risk, to and from the authorised Midea Appliances service centre.
d) Save for the costs specified in this Condition 4 this warranty does not otherwise cover the cost of claiming under the warranty. All other costs and expenses incurred in claiming under the warranty, including forwarding and return freight costs, will be at the owner's expense.


No employees or servants of an authorised service centre of Midea Appliances has authority to add to or alter the terms of this Midea Appliances Warranty.

EXCLUSIONS: This Midea Appliances Warranty excludes as follow
a) Subject to the purchaser's rights referred to herein, Midea Appliances hereby excludes and disclaims to the maximum extent permitted by law all other liability in respect of the product;
b) This Midea Appliances Warranty does not apply to
i) Light bulbs, batteries and other accessories, control knobs and buttons, power plugs, leads, glass or plastic accessories, appearance items and cabinetry;
ii) Damage caused by accident, misuse or negligence, including by leaking batteries, foreign objects or substances not normally associated with the product; damage caused by scratching, chipping, staining, rust, corrosion, moisture, steam or heat from appliances; damage caused by unusual or non-traditional use, positioning or location of product.

    iii) Failure arising from installation by a person or company not fully licensed to carry out installations; and failure arising from improper installation of the product (note warranty condition 3(a)iv). Any damage to paint work, metal framework or finished trims of the product caused by weathering, rain, hail, storm, flood, fire, salt, corrosive materials and corrosive environments. Failure arising from lack of reasonable maintenance of the dishwasher (for example regular cleaning, replacement of filters etc).

    iv) Products repaired or tampered with by anyone other than JH Electrical or its authorised service centre;
    v) Any faults relating to or arising from any defect in the product which was known to you (or end user) at the time of purchase including any pre-existing conditions;
    vi) Calls to attend or requests for service in respect of any adjustment which could have been performed by the owner or arising from external power supply or other faults in any ancillary or other equipment or external interferences of any nature whatsoever;

      vii) The expense of a service call when no fault has been found with the product;

      viii) Products where the serial number is removed or defaced;

      ix) Insurance of any product in transit or when in the possession of JH Electrical and Appliance Ltd or any other party;
      x) Any circumstances which constitute an "Act of God" (e.g., earthquakes, typhoons, flash floods, etc.) or which would normally be covered by normal household insurance;
      xi) Any loss suffered through or resulting from the non-operation or the ineffective operation of the Midea Appliances products or any part of these products;

      xii) Failure arising from wildlife damage, power surges, connection to incorrect voltage, voltage fluctuations and external electromagnetic interference;

      xiii) Failure to properly maintain, clean and service (including and not limited to heads, internal cavities, user accessible filters etc);

      xiv) Failure arising from blocked pumps, drains, foreign objects/substances inside the product, incorrect or inadequate plumbing and wiring, incorrect usage of detergents, fabric softeners, washing liquids etc.;

      xv) Correcting the installation, such as removal of transit packer, levelling the machine, adjustment of the drain to correct syphoning, noises, crossed, kinked or leaking inlet hose connections, turning on water or power supplies; and

        xvi) In the case of washing machines, dryers and dishwashers, noise or vibration that is considered normal (spin sounds, user warning beeps etc), and water on the floor due to incorrect loading or excessive suds.

        c) If the owner is not in attendance at the address notified to JH Electrical and Appliance Ltd or its authorised service centre during normal business hours and an appointment has been made with the owner for provision of service, additional charges may be made at the prevailing rates for each service call made or attempted.
        d) Subject to Clause 1, the purchaser will be liable for any labour, parts or transportation costs incurred by Midea Appliances or its authorised service centre if after having been inspected that the alleged defect is found not to be covered by the warranty for whatever reason and not related to any defect in the Product.
        Please note that the refund referred to in above should be affected through the proper channels. i.e. the consumer to take up with the Supplier as defined in the ACT (likely to be the retailer selling the product to the consumer) and for the Supplier to take it up with the wholesaler/manufacturer i.e. JH Electrical and Appliance Ltd.






        a) 如果在同一型号不再存在的情况下需要更换可提供,则JH Appliance可选择同等或更高型号规格将作为替代品提供。如果没有更换商业上可行,或无法在合理时间内完成维修或更换,JH Appliance可自行决定退还产品的购买价格,并适当调整因实际使用而产生的折旧。这完全符合其保修义务。

        b) 未经授权对偏离规范和/或预期用途的产品,本保证书全部无效。

        c) 油漆上的任何凹痕、划痕等都需要通知JH,电器在交付当天获得保修更换资格。

        d) 保修期从原购买美的之日起计算来自授权美的电器经销商的电器产品。


        a) 仅适用于:

        i) 关于本文所述的美的电器产品由JH Appliance经销,在新西兰从授权美的电器经销商处购买,并在新西兰使用;以及




        v) 当美的洗碗机由合格的水管工安装时,煤气炉由合格的煤气装配工安装,电炉架、烤箱、带硬线接头的内置微波炉由合格电工连接。

        b) 若由未经授权的服务中心提供服务,或未经授权的人对上述美的电器产品进行任何性质的篡改,则无效。

        c) 要提出保修索赔和根据本保修提供的服务,车主必须出示注明日期的采购收据原件。对于业主无法提供原始销售收据的产品,业主有义务支付任何维修或服务费用。


        a) 请联系您当地的经销商以获得授权服务中心。

        b) 以下产品将拨打上门服务电话:洗涤机器、干衣机、冰箱、冰箱、洗碗机、烤箱,炉灶、独立炉灶、内置微波炉和抽油烟机。

        c) 只有车主住在距离授权美的电器服务中心25公里以内的地方,才可拨打免费上门服务电话。在该区域以外的服务电话将收取旅行费,否则业主必须发送产品由业主承担费用和风险,由授权美的进出电器服务中心。

        d) 除第4条规定的费用外,本保修不包括根据保修提出索赔的费用。在保修期内索赔产生的所有其他成本和费用,包括转运和退货运费,将由业主承担。




        a) 根据本协议提及的买方权利,美的电器特此在法律允许的最大范围内排除和否认所有其他与产品有关的责任;

        b) 本美的电器保修不适用于

        i) 灯泡、电池和其他配件、控制旋钮和按钮、电源插头、导线、玻璃或塑料配件、外观物品和橱柜;




        v) 任何与您(或最终用户)在购买时已知的产品缺陷有关或由其引起的任何故障,包括任何预先存在的条件;





        x) 构成“天灾”(如地震、台风、山洪暴发等)或通常由正常家庭保险承保的任何情况;席)因美的电器产品或其任何部分的非操作或无效操作而遭受或由此造成的损失;






        c) 如果业主在正常营业时间内未到JH电气设备有限公司或其授权服务中心通知的地址,并且已与业主约定提供服务,则可按每次服务电话的现行费率收取额外费用。

        d) 根据第1条的规定,如果在检查后发现所声称的缺陷由于任何原因不在保修范围内,且与产品的任何缺陷无关,则买方将承担美的电器或其授权服务中心产生的任何人工、零件或运输费用。




        J H Electrical and Appliances is the authorised agent appointed by Midea Appliances.

        In the event of a warranty claim, you must produce your original dated purchase receipt in order for service to be provided under this warranty.

        J H Electrical and Appliances, 570 Mount Wellington Highway, Mount Wellington, Auckland, 1062, New Zealand

        Telephone: 09 930 0902

        FOR WARRANTY SERVICE EMAIL: service@jhappliance.co.nz


        Midea Appliances WARRANTY (to be read in conjunction with conditions on reverse):



        Washing Machines – Front Load, Top Load

        2years parts and labour (in home)

        Clothes Dryers

        2 years parts and labour (in home)


        2 years parts and labour (in home)


        2 years parts and labour plus additional 8 years parts only for compressor (for specific models)

        Freestanding Stove, Rangehood

        2 years parts and labour (in-home)

        Oven, Built In Microwave Oven, Cooktop

        2 years parts and labour (in-home)


        2 years parts and labour (in-home)

        Small Appliances, Fan/heater

        1 years parts and labour (return to supplier), 2 years for DC motor fans

        Free Standing Microwave Ovens

        2 years parts and labour (return to supplier)


        5 years parts and labour (in-home)



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